The Wet Tropics

From desert like countryside to rain and mist was a bit of a shock. After brilliant sunshine every day we now had constant cloud but it is called the wet tropics for a reason. We started in the Atherton Tablelands and visited lots of waterfalls so we couldn’t complain about the wet. We revisited all out favourites from previous visits. A highlight was being shown a Lumholz tree kangaroo high in a tree at Millaa Millaa caravan park – it was a long way away but it was in the wild!

We next visited Paronella Park after having recommendations from everyone who has been to this part of Queensland. Built by Spanish immigrant Jose Paronella in 1929-35 it was a popular pleasure garden and the site of the first power plant in North Queensland. It thrived until setbacks saw it closed in 1979 until being revived by the present owners in 1993. It is once again a thriving tourist attraction and very well presented with camping available and tours provided with entry.

We took a couple of inland deviations to Tully Gorge and Blencoe Falls. Tully Gorge was up an easy bitumen road to a campsite where we watched the parade of rafters and kayakers who come to this river every day. Blencoe Falls was over the ranges on a rough dirt road to an amazing waterfall and peaceful campsite by the creek.

Jourama Creek was another favourite campsite that had to be revisited and then we found our way to Broadwater camp in Abergowrie forest with only one wrong turn. It has a huge camping area that we had almost to ourselves apart from visits by goannas. A night at Taylor’s Creek amongst all the fishermen camped there long term allowed us to enjoy modern amenities.


The Wet Tropics – The Tablelands

We finally moved towards the coast stopping at the Atherton Tablelands above Cairns. We started at Granite Gorge at Mareeba, a haven for wildlife. We also began our odyssey to many of the waterfalls that can be found here and discovered a local photographer using a drone to get a better viewpoint.

The weather forecast sent us scurrying for a caravan park with a kitchen as we rarely put up our annexe and do all our cooking outdoors. Queensland largely missed out on a wet season this year but we got a late taste of it as 100-400mm fell in 2 days. It certainly made the waterfalls run well!

We visited some of the other sights as well such as the famous strangler figs. The rain also brought out the fungi and we enjoyed spotting the interesting, enormous fruits of the rainforest. And yet more waterfalls – we can’t resist them. The rain also brought a possum into the outdoor kitchen – retreating from the rain.