Gooandra Hut

Disappointment was what I was feeling as we headed across the Kiandra plains in the Snowy Mountains. We had come here to ski and snow shoe to Gooandra Hut and there was NO SNOW!  I swallowed my disappointment as we pulled up at the car park and started to think about the advantages of walking in – much easier, less cold, excuse to come back and try again next year.

It was a very pleasant stroll along the track to the hut where we had an early lunch so we could set off on an afternoon walk to Witzes Hut. It looked easy on the map – only 4 k across the snow plains and just creeks to cross. We followed the well worn track down to the valley only to discover it was a brumby highway and not going the direction we wanted to so we abandoned it and took to snow grass hopping. We passed a number of small herds of brumbies as we headed over the hill to Tantangara creek – unfortunately not such a creek today due to snow melt. We had to make a long detour upstream to find a bridge which didn’t quite bridge all of the water.


It was then easy walking up to Witzes Hut, a picturesque little hut among the snow gums.

Heading back was easier as as we knew which way to head and could make good use of the horse tracks. Gooandra Hut was a welcoming sight as the sun started to sink and we gathered firewood to make use of the reconstructed fireplace. The hut had a big makeover in 1997 as it was collapsing and now looks very smart.

We even had comfortable chairs to sit and warm ourselves by the fire as the temperature dropped. We snuggled ourselves into our sleeping bags during the night and woke to find ourselves in a frosty wonderland that made up for the lack of snow.

The walk out provided icy puddles, yet more brumbies and good memories of a very photogenic hut on an icy morning .