Central New South Wales

Hello all and welcome to my first blog. It’s more a chance to share my photography which is my current (and past) passion.

Ray and I have just returned from two and half weeks in central NSW in winter and had a great (though often cold, especially at night) time.

We traveled via Canberra that turned on the first of a string of blue sky days for us. A new site for us was the arboretum, built on the site of the pine forests that were burned out in Canberra’s big fires. They have done an amazing job of designing and landscaping it with areas set aside for groves of different (usually endangered) trees from around the world that will grow in Canberra’s hot summer, cold winter climate.

A little previously undiscovered gem was then visited – Abercrombie Caves between Goulburn and Bathurst. We didn’t even go in the caves but enjoyed the walks to the entrance and exit where Grove creek has cut a path through the hillside and also walked down to see Grove Ck falls.

Burning Mountain Reserve was an oddity – a coal seam that has been burning underground for 6000 years and moving along at the rate of one metre a year. It is burning 30 metres underground but we could feel and see the heat rising up through vents in the rock. The ground that has been burned gradually rehabilitates itself when the fire has passed though it does look different.

It was up and over the mountains to reach the coast, climbing up through Barrington Tops NP and spending a night at Polblue Swamp – a lovely place where the grass was crunchy with frost before we went to bed at night.

The coast provided us with lovely, warm weather and a variety of landscapes – The photogenic paperbark trees on the shores of calm and peaceful Myall Lakes were a highlight.

We traversed the rugged headlands at Diamond Head and Hat Head.

The history of Trial Bay Gaol at Arakoon was a revelation and we scored a campsite with a grand view.

We also used these camps as a base to explore the hinterland with waterfalls ranging from magnificent Ellenborough Falls, one of the tallest in Australia to Watui Falls, a small but scenic charmer.

It was then back up over the mountains along a previously travelled highlight – The Waterfall Way- from Dorrigo to Armidale. It’s very well named and we visited just about all of them –

The weather had unfortunately deteriorated by this time as we made our way home via Weddin Mountains and the amazing depression era Seaton’s Farm near Grenfell.